Bulgari Expands High Jewelry Atelier in Rome


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ROME — Bulgari’s jewels are indissolubly linked with Rome — with some of the city’s landmarks even inspiring a number of pieces. Less visible, yet equally important, is the unique know-how found in Italy’s capital that feeds Bulgari’s high jewelry production. “It’s a very specific tradition and knowledge that is linked to the city,” said Mauro Di Roberto, managing director of Bulgari’s jewelry division. It is not surprising, then, that the company has doubled the space of its high jewelry atelier in Rome, unveiling it to WWD. During a walk-through of the location, which now covers 14,040 square feet, Di Roberto introduced the artisans who painstakingly develop the jewels from a flat drawing to a 3-D mold, mounting the colorful gems and creating what could easily be defined as works of art. “Each goldsmith is the reference point for each jewel, we say he or she is the owner of the project,” explained Di Roberto. The team works closely with Di Roberto and Lucia Silvestri, jewelry creation and gem buying director at Bulgari. “From the interpretation of the drawing, it’s a work in progress,” said Di Roberto, remarking on how a tiny detail can change the reflection of the light or enhance the stone. Case

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