Darkness and Insight: Solange Azagury-Partridge’s Jewelry Journey


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LONDON — Tough Love and Black Rainbows are two of many Solange Azagury-Partridge’s jewelry collections, but their names speak volumes about the British designer’s rocky road through the business. Having started as a high-end independent jeweler in Notting Hill with a super-cool client list that still stretches from London and Paris to New York and Hollywood, she made her way through the dark tunnel of two large-scale luxury giants before eventually emerging once again at the opposite end of the spectrum with a bijou business, this time in Bayswater, a few minutes walk from her home. Having lived through darkness and light, she’s come to the following conclusions: “Focus on exactly what it is you want to do, then just do it, and forget about your ego and the money, basically. That’s when it all goes wrong. Jewelry is a vocation, if you really love it.” Another piece of advice would be that size and scale don’t necessarily matter. “‘Does it give me job satisfaction?’ ‘Does it make me happy and proud?’ That’s how I approach my work. Obviously the money I’ve earned is a very nice byproduct, but it hasn’t made me a multimillionaire. It’s a choice.” Those lessons were hard-earned: Azagury-Partridge admits she

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