Greats Hires Design Director


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Ryan Babenzien no longer has time to dedicate most of his energy to designing Greats’ sneakers. According to Babenzien, who founded the Brooklyn-based footwear company in 2013, the business is expanding at a rate that demanded a full-time design director, and he’s hired Charley Hudak to fill the position. “I’m excited about the opportunity,” said Hudak, who is being tasked with thinking about the holistic relationship between Greats’ men’s and women’s footwear collections and helping the business plan out its delivery schedule and produce shoes in a less reactionary way. He’s previously held stints at K-Swiss, AND1 and DC Shoes. Babenzien said this new hire doesn’t mean Greats will be designing and producing more sneakers, but instead doubling down on what they do well. “It’s not about more. It’s about better,” Babenzien said. “Our strategy and model hasn’t changed a bit. We have a frequent release calendar and every other week we have a drop, but we are refining that calendar so it won’t be as frequent. You need to continually have new product and new colors and relevant materials, but I’m not sure every week is the right amount of time. It creates a ton of soft demand in the market.” Greats will also focus on

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