Hodinkee Doubles Down on E-commerce, Experiences


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Hodinkee, a media platform for watch enthusiasts that was founded by Benjamin Clymer in 2008, has built a loyal audience that ranges in age from 18 to 55, and for the past two years the company has capitalized on that audience with product collaborations at varying price points. The first was with Max Büsser and Friends, which featured 10 limited-edition watches for the site that retailed for $52,000 each — the watches sold out in four hours. The next was with Zenith, which produced 25 watches that retailed at $8,900. Hodinkee most recently partnered with Tag Heuer on production of 125 watches priced at $5,900 that sold out in 45 minutes, and with Laurent Ferrier on a $60,000 watch. These watches sit alongside products from Hodinkee’s line of leather accessories that include straps and travel bags. E-commerce has been a difficult world to break into for major media companies, but it’s worked for Hodinkee given its niche approach to the watch category. Six months ago, the company hired Eneuri Acosta as chief operating officer — he formerly served as marketing manager at Cadillac — to help increase its revenue streams without watering down Hodinkee’s ethos. Acosta believes these watch collaborations have worked because

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