Hublot Introduces Digital Boutique Program


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Hublot today unveils a new digital shopping program called the “Digital Boutique.” The concept is intended to be “something between a physical visit to the store and an e-commerce purchase experience,” according to Hublot chief executive officer Ricardo Guadalupe. It entails consumers booking a digital appointment on Hublot’s web site. They then log into the interface via Skype or FaceTime, and are greeted by a Hublot salesperson streaming in from the brand’s New York flagship. Rather than a typical video chat screen, though, the salesperson can share the screen with 3-D animations, informational videos and high-resolution photos to better illustrate the timepieces being considered. This technology requires a substantial technical install at the Hublot store, including high-definition cameras, lighting and touch-screen computers. The tech install required for Hublot’s Digital Boutique.& Courtesy The Digital Boutique technology, built by Stockholm-based firm B-Reel, has been launched in New York to cover the U.S. market. “I think the U.S. is more mature in its understanding of a digital experience. The idea is to go into this world, so you are not just on e-commerce and clicking to buy a $20,000 watch. We want to give more of an experience,” said Guadalupe. “The U.S. market is well adapted to this kind of project,

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