La Biennale Paris Still Hopes High-Jewelery Houses Will Return


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PARIS — La Biennale Paris still hopes to bring Place Vendôme’s historic houses back to the fair, even if the number of their participants this year has dwindled from a handful last year down to only one, Lorenz Bäumer. The decades-old antiques and jewelry fair held under the glass and steel dome of the Grand Palais runs early in the season this year, from Sept. 8 to 16, with organizers citing the busy back-to-school period as one of the reasons for fewer show participants. “I believe that high jewelry is historically part of La Biennale and must be at La Biennale. It so happens that for several reasons these past few years we haven’t been able to bring them together, but we’ve started working with them and the talks are perfectly amiable,” said Mathias Ary Jan, the president of France’s Syndicat National des Antiquaires, organizer of the event. Cartier led the exodus of the top 14 jewelry houses at the fair in 2016. Disagreements between jewelers and fair organizers had centered around the importance jewelry had gained at the event over the years, whether they could show jewels less than a century old, and the cost and placement of jewelry house stands. Last year’s edition

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