Native Shoes Takes Cues From High Fashion Collaborations


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Native Shoes and its line of mostly EVA footwear known for its airy, simplicity has maintained quite fashionable wits about them via collaborations that have kept the brand at an interesting intersection between high design and an approachability that makes sense, even for kids. It’s a fine line to walk and as the Vancouver firm this year ramps up its links with other brands, it’s arming itself with a broader assortment to present to customers as Native slowly rolls out bricks-and-mortar. The company bowed its first door in Vancouver in December. This summer, it will try its hand at a Nantucket pop-up with a permanent door set to open sometime soon in the Bay Area. “That’s a really interesting way for us to be, as a brand, very inclusive, but to still talk to an audience that wouldn’t necessarily be exposed to us otherwise,” said Native Shoes creative director Michael Belgue of the company’s collaborations. “We can still show up as Native or a version of not taking things too seriously and making people smile.” The company, with a tagline of “Keep It Lite,” caters to an audience that’s about evenly split between adults and kids, making the thought behind its designs, collaborations and

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