Will VicenzaOro Overshadow Baselworld?


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VICENZA — With Baselworld navigating troubled waters, VicenzaOro, which closed its September edition here last week, stands out as a safe harbor for Italian high-end jewelry companies. “The changes at Baselworld were disastrous for our sector so I doubt we will go back there again,” said Laura Bicego, founder and creative director of Vicenza-based jewelry label Nanis. “We don’t really understand what’s happening there and I think that VicenzaOro will truly benefit from this situation. Actually, here we are working really well and we are meeting new clients from around the world.” A newcomer at VicenzaOro, Alessio Boschi, an Italian jewelry brand which relocated to Bangkok five years ago, was so positively impressed by the trade show that it will skip Baselworld next year. “We love being here, we feel welcome, which is something not happening in Basel anymore,” said Alessio Boschi’s marketing and finance manager Valeria Boschi. “The quality of the buyers is really high and the services we found here in Vicenza are much better than those at our disposal in Basel, which is also crazily expensive.” Rings from Alessio Borghi’s “Peacock Dance” collection& Courtesy Photo This positive feedback, confirmed by the record turnout of 20,000 visitors, 40 percent of them coming from international markets, are “the results of a path we started forging in 2014 with the launch of the Boutique Show’s new format,” said Matteo Marzotto, executive vice president

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